Get Outta That Comfort Zone

So I’ve been a grandma for almost 8 years. I have learned so much from the lovies. They don’t care what you look like. People are all colors, shapes, sizes, tall, chubby, skinny, pretty, plain or high maintenance. I really got this reinforced the last few days. Get outta that comfort zone.

All children and grands want is for you to be there and be with them! I really found this out last year when the kids started taking the lovies to ‘the lake’. They wanted grandma to come along and that involved swimming!


That involved grandma stepping out of that comfort zone that cripples so many people from actively participating in the lives of their children and grands. Crazy thoughts ran through my mind. No swim suit, I don’t have a perfect body, I have scars I cannot cover, I am totally flat chested how can I do it? Mastectomy suits, I don’t know? Get outta that comfort zone!

After some thinking, praying and planning swim attire I had the best time and you know what….they only knew that grandma played in the water with them!

Fast forward to the last few days, I spent more time in my swimming attire than anything else because we were at the beach after all! You know, I never really cared but I saw people looking. I proudly carried my body not caring it was oblivious I am flat chested. I have earned that, yes I am different, I have scars but you know what, my lovies only cared I played with them!

So mamas and daddies, grands, or whom ever you may be to your children, don’t let crazy insecurities keep you from playing with those babies. They don’t care and nothing else maters. Think what I would have missed the last few years if I cared. I cannot imagine. So I got outta my comfort zone.

Yup, flat and fabulous, carrying a few extra pounds, scars, and having the time of my life; out of my comfort zone!

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