Sleepovers at Grandma’s are the Best


Sleepovers at Grandma’s are the Best!

They start out in the ‘boys’ room’ and slowly join us. The little one ends up with grandpa ‘cuz I sleep good with grandpa’. The middle one ends up with me. Usually the oldest makes it all night in his bed. He is quite the big boy. Yes, sleepovers are the best!




Magical time for everyone

After a crazy week of sickness for the little, a bike wreck that resulted in an emergency procedure for the middle, and school activities for the oldest, mama and papa needed some chill time. Grandma with her own issues needed some very very wanted grandma time!




The best for grandma

So snuggling with the middle while he sleeps; listening to his peaceful breathing is such a wonderful time. It’s one on one time that is sometimes so difficult to work in with three wild and crazy guys. Last night before going to sleep, each one of the lovies snuggled and got in that special grandma time. I think they needed those snuggles as badly as grandma did! As I lay there cuddling that middle little love, I mentally planned and prepared for the next day. When the boys awaken in the morning, BIG things were going to happen. Sleepovers are the best!


Here’s to a fun day at grandmas with the wild and crazy lovies! Life is Good ❤️



Grandpa’s woodworking shop

The day consisted of working on a school project for the oldest. Working out in grandpa’s wood shop was amazing. The boys always love to don the safety equipment and watch as grandpa works his magic on the assorted power tools. This time he was cutting out a parrot from a piece of wood to become the infamous school project chosen by the oldest one!



Let the painting begin









After the shop adventure the transformation of the parrot started at the kitchen table with the paints especially chosen for this little parrot. Soon it will become an amazing outdoor flying feature for the back porch. Finally with precision color placement, the little parrot transformed into a flying bird! The younger brothers carefully added their chosen colors for their own unique artwork. After careful assembly, the parrot was complete, beautiful and ready to fly.



Finished project

After the paper is written, the report and flying parrot will be turned into school for a grade. Then an oral presentation will be presented by the oldest at the end of his first grade year. This will complete the accumulation of hours of sanding, painting, writing and falling in love with a little wooden parrot. Sleepover at grandma’s are magical and the best!





Another successful Sleepover at Grandma’s

As the lovies packed up their assorted treasure and the beloved parrot to head home to the happy house, they each talked about their favorite part of this sleepover. Like most sleepovers, the happy and content boys decided that this was the best sleepover at grandma’s ever!

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