Exploring with Grandma

Did you ever go anywhere or explore with your grandma? I used to visit my grandmother when I was young. We explored around her little town and I loved every minute of those visits. Now that I am the grandmother, of three of the most wonderful little boys ever, I love taking them on adventures. Exploring with grandma is something that we all look forward to. Some adventures are a trip to the store and other adventures might involve a trip to the beach 🏖.

As the boys are growing, the adventures become more serious and involved and exploring gets more serious and involved. When they were little a trip to the hobby store for supplies for the latest art project was an exciting time. Then, we started a tradition two years ago, when the oldest was finishing up pre-k, it was beach time with grandma! Yes, the oldest one, age five and this crazy grandma took off to explore Panama City, Florida.

Being the shopping partners that we are, we stopped at any and every store we wanted on the drive from Georgia to the beach. What would have normally been a five hour trip, took eight! We had the best time exploring and answering to no one but ourselves.

Unfortunately for us, the ocean had red flags so we were only able to explore the beach and look for shells. The rain and terrible storms hampered our entire time but what fun we had. One store had live alligators and public feeding times. We turned that into ‘an alligator hunt’ as we were able to go around the display and search for the reptiles. We explored the habitat they lived in and the food they are. It was fun counting to be sure that all four were found and fed.

We checked out the ice cream shops and sampled some of the craziest names ever. Black chocolate goldfish was one of our favorites! But crazy names or not, ice cream is ice cream and we loved our nightly treats.  As we had our ice cream in hand we explored the little quaint areas of the city. Outside shops, were brave to display their goods between rain storms. We searched for the perfect souvenirs for the brothers, mama and papa.

Although we were not able to explore with grandma as much as we had planned because of the weather, we had a blast. Grandmother and oldest grandson, best friends, partners in crime, laughing and singing the days away. Mainly it was about making memories. I hope he will always treasure that time as much as I did. We enjoy the pictures which remind him of the crazy fun we had exploring through rain and wind.


Now as the middle one is getting ready to finish pre-k, it’s our turn to go to the beach. The reservations are made. Plans are being formed, just waiting for those memories to be made as we get ready to explore with grandma!




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