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Are you a grandma, a cancer survivor, or an entrepreneur? If you aren’t it doesn’t matter, you are probably a woman who is loving life, maybe searching for more, maybe retired, looking for a tribe of women to guide and shape you into a new you? Are you loving your life and living your passion?Maybe you just want something challenging or something totally out of your comfort zone or something just totally different than anything you have ever done before?

That was me, all of the above, and I didn’t even know it! Marrying you and traveling the world with my militaty husband, we saw many countries, ate lots of great food, raised two of the greatest guys ever and I worked with school system for over 30 years. For many years I worked with the court system preforming juvenile mediations and general mediations. I have always loved the mediation process. Helping settled squabbles, differences, and helping others was part of me, part that made me tick.

As each year passed by, I was happy and loving life. Our sons were both in the military and we visited some pretty cool places to see them even returning to Europe twice, after living there three years when we were younger. We grew up in Europe; living in a Germany right after we married when I was 19 and he was 20. We traveled, saw the sights and enjoyed the cultures of other countries..

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a horrific battle, but I won. This month will be nine year that I found the lump. Nine years ago our lives changed. For me after cancer, I realized I want my life to matter. Like I said, I have a good life, great actually. I’m older now, my children are grown. I have three of the most wonderful little grand boys ever born to whom I get to be grandma whenever I want.

My husband is loving and supportive. My life is happy and fulfilled.But I want to matter. I want my life for this second chance to help, encourage and support others. I want to help people. I’ve always been sort of in a care taker roll. I help with my older parents, whom I love to pieces. I’ve taken care of my husband many times throughout our marriage as he, too, has been plagued with health problems. I help with my grandsons, whom I refer to as my lovies.

I have always enjoyed writing things down. My thoughts, my dreams, fears and goals. I am not necessarily a good writer but I love to write. I write like I talk, in broken sentences, not formal at all. And I love to talk! Over the years, I have written here and there and I also kept a carrying bridge journal to document my cancer journey. During that time my caring bridge site was viewed over 3000 times. For me that is a lot of people reading about my life. I am brutally honest about my cancer journey NOW. When I kept the journal, which I shared with family and friends, I always painted a rosy picture because I didn’t want people to worry about me. I never wrote about how bad my cancer diagnosis was.

As the years have gone by, I have changed my mindset. I think people should know how bad cancer is. How it changes not only the patient, but the entire family. To sugar coat it isn’t fair to anyone. Cancer is horrible. I want to live my passion, an empowering life of helping others.

Education is the key to helping one navigate their journey. It’s the key to helping a caregiver or a friend on what to do or not to do to help their loved one or friend with cancer. I’ve lived it. I know, at least for me, what worked and what didn’t. I feel this need to share. If I can help one person, one life to be a bit easier, then I am working with my passion.

So after some thinking I started this blog as my outlet. It is my tool to help educate others. I’m sure there are lots of cancer surviving grandmas out there would would love to share some of my stories, tell me about their story, and to trade ideas for being the best grandma ever! And I am sure there are others who are entrepreneurs, and maybe they even collect flamingos and make gnome gardens!

I think we women have to stick together, to encourage each other, empower each other, and most of all support each other. Life is hard, but doing it with others make it so much easier. I want more and I am on my way to that, which in the long run will make me a better wife, mother, grandmother, bloggers, and business owner. I’ll share more of how I am achieving this dream in upcoming posts.

What is your dream, your passion? Do you want to life your passion. Do you know how to find it? As I continue writing my blog, I will dive into my real passion which is now my business. I help people. Helping someone during or after a cancer illness is living my passion. Like I said, I’ve lived it. I lead a wonderfully blessed full life, with my blog, my family, and I am living my passion.

Until next time

Pam 💕

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