It’s Grandma time!

Hanging out with my grandbabies is one of my biggest joys. Those little boys were my hope of ‘rocking’ after finishing cancer treatment. Now, after being such a part of their lives for many years, I still get amazed at how blessed I am to have them so close in distance. I love grandma time!

They started out in the northwest corner of the states and surprised us by moving south to our home town. I will always be so thankful for that move. I honestly believe it takes a village to raise children, we now can help at a moments notice instead of being a plane ride away. We now have family dinners, birthday parties, drop ins for hugs and kisses and so many little special moments, making memories.

Grandpa and I GET to take the boys for at least one day and night a week to give mama and papa a break from adulting and to sleep in without having to worry about them. Little do the parents realize that this is our time. We get help mold three of the most wonderful children ever created. Also during our grandparents time we get love and hug on the sons of our oldest son.

Time to do all of the wonderful fun things that grandparents GET and want to do to do with their lovies. Things that we didn’t do as parents because we were so busy working, stressed from daily life or just at the time we didn’t realize how crucial silly time with children actually is! Being grandparents is almost like getting to do it over, only this time we do it so much better or maybe just a little different and have so much more fun!

 Do you ever look at your sweet little grandbabies, children or whoever are the little kids in your life and think how in the world was I so lucky, blessed, fortunate, whatever you call it, to get them? I feel that way every time I look at my three.  They are my joy, my world, and my lovies. They, each one of them, there are three, are each a little bundle of pure perfection. I know, spoken like a true grandmother! Grandpa is just as crazy about the boys but he shows it not quite as exuberantly as this grandma does! 😂 

I have always wanted to be a grandmother. While I was going through cancer my biggest wish was to see and rock my grandchildren.  My wish was granted, three times over.  Those boys are absolutely my biggest blessings. While they are so awesome and I GET to spend time with them, they are little kids. Little kids get bored easily.

So, the crazy grandma that I am, I always have a plan. I never want them to not want to spend time with us. Our days together consist of an art project, a science project or experiment, and baking. Or perhaps we play  LEGOS, read, laugh, dance, or just hanging out. Being busy is important. Yes, even my little lovies, can get into trouble, or mischief. Yes, mine do.  So to prevent the boredom issues, we keep busy!

When it’s not raining and the weather is good, we are outside!  There are so many activities that the boys just do.  Tree climbing, obstacle courses made from anything in the yard, swings, balance beam made from tree branches, or anything that they come up with using their imagination.  Studies show playing in the dirt is good for one’s soul.  We walk barefoot and play in the dirt with trucks, rocks, and other little toys.

We have built a ‘special garden’ with anything that looks like it would belong in a garden.  The Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby have become our best friends (coupon from Hobby Lobby). There we purchase gnomes, whimsical fairies, hobbit like figures. These fantasy characters make the most wonderful garden for thinking, wishing, and pondering life.  The garden symbolizes lots of fun and special times. This will always be lovingly referred to as ‘our special garden’. 

Each day with our boys is magical. We love our time. But like most grandparents when it’s time for them to go home, we are ready. Our hearts are full. We need to recharge to get ready for the next adventure which we know will be here soon because it’s almost the weekend! You know what that means, it’s grandma time!

Until next time,

Pam 💕

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