The Bond of Cancer Patients



Today was kind of tough. A mom brought in her two kids, they were late. I’ve known the family a long time; something was off, I could tell. So I asked what was going on? The mom answered she was having surgery today. Nosey me, I asked what kind? I knew she has been battling cancer for the last two or so years, the bond of cancer patients.

She was having her ovaries removed because they were keeping her hormone levels crazy. That is the last thing she needs, crazy hormones. She hugged her kids saying their dad would call me, and I’d call the kids up to give them the news. Both kids reluctantly hugged mom and went to class,

Mom stood there with tears running down her face and said, what if I don’t wake up. What will happen to them? She then looked at me and said, I was hoping you would be here today, you understand. I just hugged her but promised her it would be ok. I just assured her that where she was having the surgery is where I’d had all of mine and she would be in good hands. She squeezed my hand and told me that her husband would call me.

Several hours later, her hubby called. She did fine, she was awake, in lots of pain and would I please let the children know,

I think we cancer folks understand. We get it, we’ve been there, we know what’s going on. I’m thankful I was at work today so I could share the bond of cancer patients.

Until next time,

Pam 💕

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