60 the New 40

Do you ever think about aging? What does aging mean to you and what can do you stop it? I think about aging frequently for several different reasons. Then, I think “I am not old..why do I have these thoughts! Does everyone? 60 is the new 40, do you agree? Are you acting old? 

A few weeks ago I read somewhere that women over 45 are not supposed to wear jeans, as jeans “age” us. What are we supposed to wear? I live in jeans or sweatpants. Since reading that statement, I have made a conscious effort to see what we older women are wearing. I see workout clothes, leggings, jeans and dress clothes.

I mainly see ‘put together’ women in whatever attire they are in. That’s interesting. It seems a mad dash to the store now means a quick change and maybe some makeup; where before it was somewhat acceptable to look like one just rolled out of bed to grab a gallon of milk. Not anymore. Guess no one wants to be caught looking like the later. Messy, unkept means older?

Also, making a dash to the local Walmart to get one more onion to make the salad, with out being put together, means you will run into everyone you haven’t seen in months! Happens to me every time. There I am standing in line to purchase my onion and I look like something the cats drug in all because I didn’t take that few minutes to change and put on a bit of make up.

After a brief conversation with over half of everyone I know in town, I am left thinking well, that wasn’t good. Everyone thinks I look like an old women. Then on the flip side, it seems if I take the few minutes to look put together and presentable, I  run into no one that I know! What’s a girl to do!? So maybe 60 is the new 40, but only if you look put together! 

Another disturbing aging fact is looking in the mirror! Who in the hell is that looking at me and where did she come from? I look at that old gal and think “well, girl, we have been through a few things, you and I” but we don’t need to look like that! So maybe a bit of eye concealer and little blush can help that poor old looking girl staring back at me.

How can our body look a tad bit old when our brains say, ‘nah, girl, you got this!’ We then, put on our concealer, blush and maybe a bit more mascara, slide into those favorite jeans and a trendy top. We then take one last look in the mirror and say ‘not today old girl, we got this going on’ as we strut our stuff out the door. 

How about when you run into an old classmate, a friend, someone on Facebook or even see a relative you haven’t seen in awhile. Do you look at them and think, ewww I don’t look at old! Do I? Then it’s back to the mirror to check out the wrinkles and age spots. Is age really just a matter of the mind? Then you also might think maybe she really doesn’t look like that but she needed an onion and didn’t take a minute to put herself together, thinking she wouldn’t run into anyone! 

Aging is a gift that not everyone gets. As a cancer survivor I treasure getting older. I just don’t want to look or act old! Not everyone has that luck. Some people act old just because they are getting older. Then we have others who will fight getting older until their last breath. I want to be that gal walking in the sunshine or playing in the ocean with my grandsons. Sitting under the umbrella watching and wishing is not part of my plan.

So as I research aging gracefully, several lists have appeared on the subject. Get enough sleep, reduce stress, eat healthy, meditate, eliminate clutter, play with your grandkids, stay off social media, limit caffeine,  etc., etc. While some of those topics are all doable, some sound like something an old woman would do! I am mentally not that old woman. I do like to sleep in but I also know I don’t get enough sleep.

Eating healthy is ok, and we usually do a fairly good job at that. Well, most of the time. (I’m lying,  I have a serious, well really serious, sweet tooth) eliminating stress is pretty much a joke but how one handles it is more of a reality for me. Personality plays a huge part in handling stress. Laugh the craziness off and let go of the rest… try, anyway. They say stress will kill you or make you stronger. Ha! Then I am strong Enough I could bench press an old Buick!

So while we 60 something gals are strutting our stuff,  in our favorite jeans and cute tops, thinking 60 is the new 40, we smile and think ‘oh, girl, we got this’, we have years until we get old. Are we acting old? No way! We were born to party and be wild, well until about 9 pm anyway. Come grow old with me, the best is yet to come! And, keep smiling, it makes everyone wonder what we are up to now!

Until next time,


  1. Liz

    March 17th, 2019 at 9:12 am

    My favorite line is “Aging is a gift that not everyone gets.” At times, I feel anxiety about getting older; well, to be more specific, I feel anxious about my husband and my mom getting older. Sometimes, I worry that maybe time is flying by too fast, and I wonder how much time I have left with them. Thankfully, these moments are fleeting, and I snap out of it pretty quickly and go back to living in the moment.

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