What is Your Story?

What is Your story?

Do you have some claim to fame, have you done something extraordinary? Or are you a plain ole’ person like me?  I am an in my early 60’s but I don’t feel old and Lord knows I don’t want to act old! I have heard 60 is the new 40, I love that!  Do you agree?? What is your story? So as a result of my story, now I am starting a blog.

Up to now, I have had a great life. I have been married 40 some years and we have raised two awesome kids. My job was fun and retirement was after 30 + years. We have the best grandkids ever, and we love to travel.

I am a cancer survivor, caregiver at heart, you know, just pretty normal stuff.  My life has had abundance of happiness. Nothing really stands out from the norm but the exception of my cancer journey.

Now, my life is fantastic! I am embracing my retirement with gusto as I celebrate my life.  Spending time with family but especially my grandbabies are my biggest joy.  Some travel is in the plans, celebrating each day as I continue to remain cancer free from a rare, aggressive type of cancer and running my on line business. Being an entrepreneur in my 60s???? Oh yes, it is awesome!!!

So this is my story mostly the condensed version. Check back often to hear about the latest with my grand’s, you may even pick up a great science experiment or an art project to share with the kids in your life. Follow my crazy cancer journey from start to present. AND learn how I have created a business that affords me to take those grandbabies to the beach whenever I want!

In my next post I will share more about why I am starting this Blog. What is your story?  I cannot wait to hear from you.

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