Cue Ball Bald to Healthy Happy Hair!

So hair is pretty important to ones identity. Hair is usually the first thing people notice about another. Bad hair days happen and we all hate them. But when one looses their hair to illness and it changes completely, reality sets in. ‘I want my old hair back!’ I went from cue ball bald to happy healthy hair.

Some people never have bad hair days and it’s always perfect. I think one doesn’t really ever understand it until they are bald, peach fuzz gone, cue ball bald, how important hair really is. After treatment my hair was so fine and spotty but it was hair. To make a long story short, Anna, my fabulous and gorgeous daughter-in-law gave me some magic shampoo for Christmas 2017. She knew my insecurities about my hair etc. 

I was skeptical but willing to try this stuff. Fast forward 13 months, I will never use anything but this magic shampoo again. My hair is thicker, fuller, my bald spots are filling in and my hair feels wonderful. I never thought I’d feel that way about hair again.

It now has a mind of its own, but at least it’s thicker when it’s all crazy. I celebrate bad hair days because I do have hair. Now my hair is healthy without any chemicals to be afraid of. I cannot wait to see how it just keeps improving as I keep on using this wonderful stuff. 

I love the shampoo so much, I have started my own business! A business that just gets getting better and better and so much fun! I set my own hours, earn money (which will be going towards a wonderful trip for us and the lovies), and I have met some incredible women along the way.

I feel like I am helping people with their hair. That is so important to me. This shampoo works for every hair type not just cancer patients. Lots of people with a multitude of hair issues use this shampoo. Helping others. Yay for hair!

Ok, so here we go. I am really stepping out of my comfort zone now. I am so excited about some of the things going on in my life, especially starting my own business! It is  pretty weird to even think about that but I’m doing it!

Just a bit of background which lead to this huge decision for me. Most of you know that I am a cancer survivor. 8 years now. Yay!! Along with cancer is the usual dreaded body changes which involves scars and disfigurement from multiple surgeries, hair loss like baldness, loss of eye lashes and brows to name a few.

Yup, I experienced all of that. Loosing ones hair is pretty traumatic and made me feel very vulnerable and very self conscious in a world of fabulous hair styles. Hair is one of the first things people notice about another.

We cancer people or other types of hair loss people often resort to wearing a wig. I did and I hated that thing, actually, I had several and I hated each one! It’s so easy to spot a wig from a mile away! Even now, years later, my hair was (notice I said was) so dull, coarse, no body and barely there with huge bald spots. I am sure everyone of you know someone like that. Cancer patient or not. Hair is so important! 

For Christmas last year, Anna, my daughter in law, and my now business mentor, gave me an amazing gift of some wonderful hair care products. She understood my struggles and knew that she could help. I have used these products exclusively for the last year and my hair has grown. It is filling  in naked spots, getting thicker, and it’s now soft and shiny and I am thrilled with the way my hair feels and looks.

I cannot wait to see how it continues to get stronger and healthier in the coming months. In growing back, it has maintained the newness of having a mind of its own but at least it’s shiny and soft on days when it does crazy things! After not having hair for almost two years, I celebrate bad hair days because it’s hair. But these products have made my hair so healthy and alive. 

Yes, I am venturing into the world of trying to help others. Hair is so important to how it makes you look, feel, or even succeed in the world. I am stepping out of my comfort zone but I know these products are awesome and I would like to help you or someone you may know get some great results with some awesome products. I believe in them that much!

Some of you will think that I am crazy. That’s ok, I just ask for your support and to cheer me on. Others of you may want some ideas of products and I would be glad to help you! I have a whole team of fabulous women behind me to guide and direct me to success in grow my amazing business of helping others have their best hair ever! Let’s get you from cue ball bald to happy healthy hair!

until next time,



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