Hello World!

Why a Blog?

I write like I talk and I like to talk.  I always have. Putting my thoughts on paper and organizing my mind is a great motivator for me.  When I was going through cancer treatment, I kept a Caring Bridge story going on for many many months. I had lots of followers and so many of them would say I should turn it into a book or a blog. I thought no way! Now that I am finding myself after retirement, why not! So Hello World!

Then on my Face Book page, I have written some thoughts on various topics that encourage, and excite me. Again the idea of the blog and book came up.  Hmmmm, a blog- so I started researching.  I have followed a few blogs for years and love to hear the next stories and ideas of bloggers. I am fascinated with life and how people do life.  After a little research, well, really a lot, I thought—-WOW!  I can do that! I know it is putting me out there, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and guess what- here is my blog!

As you read my writings, I hope you love it and get inspired as I share my thoughts.  I hope to motivate, encourage and push you to do better and to be the best version of you ever! Maybe you need to put your thoughts on paper and start a blog!

A few facts you probably would not guess about me-       Maybe you will hear more about this!!

*I touched Elton John

*Life in Europe

*Skinny dippin’ in the Mediterranean Sea


Until next time,


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